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After graduating from North Central Bible College (now University) in 1978 and serving 20 years as an Assemblies of God senior pastor (eight years in our first pastorate in Minnesota and twelve years in our second pastorate in Wisconsin); in 1998, God called us to travel as full-time Assemblies of God evangelists.

When God called us to this ministry, we never could have imagined the doors God would open across the country and around the world and what He would do in the services. What God has done has been incredible!

In addition to ministering in churches across America, God has opened the doors for us to minister in several countries around the world. We also have ministered in District Campmeetings, District Council services, Bible College services, Pastor’s Seminar sessions, television and radio.

By far the most common request from pastors across the country and missionaries overseas has been for us to come and minister on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and living the Spirit-filled life. This emphasis has been very well received and God has wonderfully poured out His Holy Spirit; baptizing, refilling and refreshing people in the Holy Spirit.

We believe that, in addition to having been a pastor for 20 years, the fact that I was not brought up in an Assemblies of God or Pentecostal background has helped us relate to those who are new to the Assemblies of God and to Pentecost. This has helped us present the baptism in the Holy Spirit and living the Spirit-filled life in a non-offensive, understandable way that those who are new can easily relate and respond to. The response has been phenomenal.

While ministry on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and living the Spirit-filled life is the most common request, we also are available to minister on other topics and to do seminars.

Pastor, we have sat where you sit and regardless of the emphasis you choose, our desire is to come and be a help and blessing to you and to your ministry whether it would be for a Sunday or for a series of services.


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