Fresh Fire Ministries


"We just finished some powerful services with Bill and Beth Juoni...we had several receive the baptism that had been seeking it for a number of years.  On Sunday there were over a dozen people praying in the Spirit for the first time in their lives.  I...highly recommend their ministry.  Bill has a very subtle yet effective way of delivering his message.  By the time the altar call is given many questions people may have had have been answered and they are ready to respond..."

Pastor Ron Auch - Prayer House Assembly of God - Kenosha, WI - (262) 654-8855



"...recommending to you Evangelist Bill and Beth Juoni of Fresh Fire Ministries.  They definitely helped us rekindle fresh fire in our personal lives as well as in our corporate church life...the music was anointed, the preaching was doctrinally sound, the delivery was captivating and their spirits are wonderfully gracious and refreshing...many were baptized in the Holy Spirit while the Juoni's were here...I believe Bill and Beth Juoni would be a great blessing to you and to your church."

Pastor Allen Refsland - Wadena Assembly of God - Wadena, MN - (218) 631-2896



"...Several were filled or refilled with the Spirit.  Everyone was challenged to greater spiritual maturity.  The messages were clear and relevant...their ministry was like a breath of fresh air...I appreciated Bill's handling of the altar calls and altar services.  The altar calls were specific and clear and always included something for everyone.  Ministry around the altar was directed and purposeful without focusing on the evangelist.  Ministry at the altar was clearly and effectively emphasized.  The Juoni's pastoral heart was evident in their ministry here..."

Pastor Gary Pilcher - Berean Assembly of God - Pleasant Hill, IA - (515) 262-9531



"...In my 29 years of pastoring, I have never witnessed anyone who did a better job of communicating the value of the Holy Spirit's infilling and such a gift of leading hungry hearts to receive...I encourage you to prayerfully consider Fresh Fire Ministries."

Pastor Fred Sindorf, Jr. - North Shore Assembly of God - Skokie, IL - (847) 677-0390



"...Recently our church was encouraged once again by the ministry of Bill and Beth Juoni...Bill is an accomplished and gifted preacher having had extensive pastoral and evangelistic pulpit experience...each time God has blessed...Beth is a very talented keyboardist and soloist...I highly recommend their ministry as proven and profitable..."

Pastor Mark Daniel - Crossroads of Hope Assembly of God - Hebron, IN - (219) 996-4010



"What a delight it was to have you at our church...Thank you so much for coming and being such a blessing to our church.  As you spoke on revival, there were so many that came away from your series of messages feeling refreshed and ready to meet the challenges of everyday life.  At every opportunity I share with other pastors about the tremendous ministry that God has truly anointed you and Beth with.  I am looking forward to the next time when you come and minister in our church..."

Pastor Blake Armstrong - Living Hope Assembly of God - Cozad, NE - (308) 784-4761



"...they were excellent ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit...Your church will be blessed...We look forward to having them back for more services..."

Pastor David Meek - Glad Tidings Assembly of God - Greeley, CO - (970) 351-0169



"...God truly visited us at every service, as people responded to the Word of God and the moving of the Holy Spirit...They helped take the ministry that we have and ..... move it to another level.  We will have them back - no questions about that.  I would highly recommend them as they are sensitive to what God wants to do, as well as to those they minister to."

Pastor Mark Ortman - Ironwood Assembly of God - Ironwood, MI - (906) 932-1575



"...We have had Brother and Sister Juoni minister at our church at least six times and there has been wonderful fruit from each of these visits.  They have a passion for God's people to experience their own spiritual Pentecost...Their ministry on a personal level and on the platform is one of grace and...integrity...If you are interested in members of your congregation receiving the baptism...then Brother and Sister Juoni would be a great fit."

Pastor Bruce Klepp - Upper Room Assembly of God - Miami, FL - (305) 251-0876



"We recently had Bill and Beth Juoni minister at our church on the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  I would say that in the years that I have been in the ministry (approximately 20) theirs was the best presentation on the subject that I have yet heard....His personal stories of his own experience were particularly helpful as many people could identify....I was amazed at the number of people from the congregation that responed to the altar call and how many people actually received the baptism in the Holy Spirit....Bill also provided good follow-up advice for everyone....I would highly recommend them..."

Pastor Renee Godoy - Glad TIdings Assembly of God - Hilo, HI - (808) 961-0616



"....many were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.  In the Evening Service, Bill ministered on the importance of prayer and the Holy Spirit as our helper.  Our altars were full...Bill has a way of making the baptism of the the Holy Spirit simple and easy to understand....I would recommend this ministry as a blessing to the church...Bill and Beth work as a team...we will have them again..."

Pastor John Morse - Good Shepherd Church - Owensboro, KY - (270) 684-8274



"...The people were encouraged, empowered and released in a fresh move of the Holy Spirit...Thank you for reinforcing our teaching and challenging the congregation!...We look forward to having you with us again..."

Pastor Kirk Sorensen - First Assembly of God - Benson, AZ - (520) 586-2417



 "...Their ministry, Fresh Fire, is truly anointed of God.  They are sensitive to the working of the Holy Spirit...Their knowledge of the Word of God and their ability to apply it to everyday life is of great significance.  We have had them at Kingstree First Assembly for the past two years, and are already looking forward to having them back again.  The congregation thoroughly enjoyed the ministry in song (Beth) and in the Word (Bill)...Several in our church made a renewed committment to the Lord...several others were filled or refilled with the baptism in the Holy Spirit..."

Pastor Steve Lutes - Kingstree First Assembly - Kingstree, SC - (843) 382-5348 



Pastor Nathan Steen - Glad Tidings Assembly of God - Rugby, ND - (701) 776-5704



Pastor Reggie Ballard - Water of Life Assembly of God - Chamberlain, SD - (605) 234-5683



Pastor Jack Hembree - Bethel Fellowship - Florissant, MO - (314) 831-1567



Pastor Jim Rayburn - Trinity Assembly of God - Soperton, GA - (912) 529-6213



Pastor Jerry Milliken - First Assembly of God - Savannah, TN - (731) 925-2934



Pastor Steve Smith - Manteo First Assembly - Manteo, NC - (252) 423-0265 



"I have known Bill and Beth Juoni for many years and have seen God use them in mighty ways.  Bill preaches with an anointing and his messages are both relevant and heart searching.  He has a gentle spirit and your people will be blessed by his ministry.  I highly recommend Bill's ministry to your people"

Rev. Larry Liebe - Wisconsin/Northern Michigan District Supterintendent - (715) 258-8118

"...recommend the ministry of Evangelists Bill and Beth Juoni...God has used them in a wonderful way and we continue to hear good reports from church after church as they have traveled throughout our them and expect the Lord to use them in a special way in your church..."

Rev. Clarence St. John - Minnesota District Superintendent - (612) 332-2409


What accommodations do you request?

We are very flexible and will accept any reasonable accommodation arrangement. While a motel room is preferred and is the ideal, we realize that in some situations that just is not possible. If that be the case, we can easily adapt to staying with the pastor’s family or a family from the church. We are flexible and come to serve you regardless of where we stay.




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