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“It was a great joy to have Bill and Beth Juoni…Their focus…was on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and praying with people to receive the baptism…He explained the Pentecostal distinctive in a way that anyone could understand and identify with…I appreciated how he gave opportunity for people to accept Christ as Savior or rededicate their lives.  When he invited people to come forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the altars were filled, and many received...!  I look forward to having the Juoni’s return to Oak Creek and gladly recommend their ministry.  God has definitely anointed them and their ministry is a wonderful gift to the church.”

Pastor Jerry Brooks

Discover Church

Oak Creek, WI -- 414.762.2010


“…We have had Brother and Sister Juoni minister at our church at least six times and there has been wonderful fruit from each of these visits.  They have a passion for God’s people to experience their own spiritual Pentecost…Their ministry on a personal level and on the platform is one of grace and…integrity…If you are interested in members of your congregation receiving the baptism…then Brother and Sister Juoni would be a great fit”.

                                                Pastor Bruce Klepp

                                                Upper Room Assembly of God

                                                Miami, FL -- (305) 251-0876


“…The people were encouraged, empowered and released in a fresh move of the Holy Spirit.  Several testimonies came in following the services…Thank you for reinforcing our teaching and challenging the congregation!…We look forward to having you with us again…”

Pastor Kirk Sorensen

First Assembly of God

Benson, AZ -- (520) 586-2417



“Thank you so very much for coming to Mayfield First Assembly of God.  It was a great day indeed as we saw people baptized in the Holy Spirit for the very first time!  We also had others who experienced a refilling…Oh, how wonderful it is to see people respond to the Spirit of the Lord!  Your message was as good as I have ever heard concerning the reasons why we all need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and the response to it was marvelous.  Any church would benefit from your ministry…”

                                                                                    Pastor Brad Morris

                                                                                    First Assembly of God

                                                                                    Mayfield, KY -- (270) 247-5677



“We are still experiencing an overflow of your time with us.  Thank you for pouring out all that the Lord has given you…”

                                                                                    Pastor Alan Schrader

                                                                                    Christian Assembly

                                                                                    Richmond Heights, OH -- (216) 261-4214



 “…your message was well received by our diverse and not-easily-impressed urban congregation.  Bill, I have to say, for a “Midwesterner” you communicated the Word of God very well with our people.  They were challenged and encouraged by your Pentecostal emphasis and teaching…You interaction with the people before and after the service was natural, relaxed and positive.  We’ve heard many good comments in the weeks since your visit to Bethel.  We…look forward to ministering together again in the future…”

                                                                Former Pastor George Gianopulos

                                                                Bethel Assembly of God

                                                                Newark, N.J.

                                                                (973) 484-6646




“…we hosted Bill and Beth Juoni…They were some of the best and most effective services we have ever had.  Bill does a great job of teaching and making it extremely simple and non-threatening to receive the baptism.  Beth does a great job ministering at the piano and in song.  Several experienced an authentic infilling of the Holy Spirit for the first time.  Others were refilled and refreshed.  I wish I had known about the Juoni’s 25 years ago!...”

                                                                                  Pastor Glenn Branham

                                                                                  Nashville Assembly of God

                                                                                  Nashville, MI – (517) 852-9819    



“…Recently our church was encouraged once again by the ministry of Bill and Beth Juoni…Bill is an accomplished and gifted preacher having had extensive pastoral and evangelistic pulpit experience…each time God has blessed with rededications and baptisms in the Holy Spirit…Beth is a very talented keyboardist and soloist…I highly recommend their ministry as proven and profitable….”

                                                                        Pastor Mark Daniel

                                                                        Crossroads of Hope Assembly of God

                                                                        Hebron, IN

                                                                        (219) 996-4010



“We have had Bill and Beth Juoni minister in our churches for years…people respond to altar calls and those seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit receive.  Having pastored, Bill knows how to work with local pastors…Beth blesses the worship team as she plays during the ministry times allowing the worship team an opportunity to receive from the Lord…I heartily endorse/recommend the Juoni’s.”

Pastor Duane Smith

Abundant Life Assembly of God

Fergus Falls, MN -- (218) 736-3928



“We so appreciate the ministry of Bill and Beth Juoni.  They ministered on the baptism in the Holy Spirit in a very concise and clear manner.  Many received the baptism.  Bill is a good communicator who manifests a kind and humble spirit.  We will have them back at Trinity Christian Center.  I recommend them without reservation.  They work alongside the Pastor in great tandem ministry.”

                                                                                  Pastor Tim Eddy

                                                                                  Trinity Christian Center

                                                                                  Zion, IL -- (847) 746-3615



“…. they ministered well together and were warmly received by our congregation.  Several were filled or refilled with the Spirit.  Everyone was challenged to greater spiritual maturity.  The messages were clear and relevant…their ministry was like a breath of fresh air…I appreciated Bill’s handling of the altar calls and altar services.  The altar calls were specific and clear and always included something for everyone.  Ministry around the altar was directed and purposeful without focusing on the evangelist.  Ministry at the altar was clearly and effectively emphasized.  The Juoni’s pastoral heart was evident in their ministry…”

                                                                                 Pastor Gary Pilcher                                                               

                                                                       Berean Assembly of God

                                                                       Pleasant Hill, IA -- (515) 232-9531



“…there were so many that came away from your series of messages feeling refreshed and ready to meet the challenges of everyday life.  At every opportunity I share with other pastors about the tremendous ministry that God has truly anointed you and Beth with...I am looking forward to the next time when you come…”

                                                                                  Pastor Blake Armstrong

                                                                                  Cornerstone Church

                                                                                  Nebraska City NE -- (402)873-6122



“….they were excellent ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit….Your church will be blessed….We look forward to having them back for more services…”

                                                                                  Pastor David Meek

                                                                                  Glad Tidings Assembly of God

                                                                                  Greeley, CO -- (970) 351-0169


Pastor Jack Hembree - - Bethel Assembly of God — Florissant, MO (314) 831-1567


Pastor Nathan Steen - - Glad Tidings Assembly of God — Rugby, ND (701) 776-5704


Pastor Jeff Shelton  - - Cornerstone Assembly of God — Griffin, GA  (770) 228-4509


Pastor Mike Warner - - Myrtle Beach Assembly of God — Myrtle Beach, SC (843) 236-7624

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