June 23, 2022

Greetings Pastors and Spouses, Prayer Partners and Friends,

It's been a hot week here in southeastern Wisconsin!  I love warm weather and I would prefer even the 90's to the teens of winter any day.  

Not only were the temperatures hot outside this past Sunday but the spiritual temperature was hot also.  Let me tell you where we were and what God was doing.

DECORAH, IA - The past Sunday morning and evening, Beth and I ministered at Christian Life Center (Assemblies of God) in Decorah, IA (located in the northeastern corner of Iowa - about 125 miles west of Madison, WI); pastored by Doug and Julie Bryce.  This was our third time to minister at Christian Life Center and we were asked to minister on revival.  Our message on Sunday morning dealt with personal revival and in the words of John Wesley, a great leader in church history, - "Let's not be content to live without the fire, the power, the excitement and the supernatural".  God never intended His people to hide their enthusiasm for Him.  After the first altar call, there were people who responded to either commit their life to Christ, recommit their life to Christ or to make things right with God.  After the second altar call people filled the altar hungry for more of God and more of His working in their lives.  In the Evening Service our message dealt with corporate and national revival.  America needs revival and the church in America needs revival!  It's been said many times, "the answer to America and its problems will not come from the White House but from the church house".  Two keys to revival are (1) seeking God and (2) the power of the Holy Spirit.  At the end of the service people filled the altar seeking God and also committing themselves to being people who seek God for revival.  It was a great day with a great group of people.  Thank you for praying!  Once again God heard, and God answered.

DILWORTH, MN - This coming Sunday, Beth and I will be ministering at River Valley Church (Assemblies of God) in Dilworth, MN (located just southeast of Fargo, ND); pastored by Dale Jensen.  This will be our fifth time to minister at River Valley Church, the third time since the Jensen's became pastors.  We've been asked to minister on the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Please join us in praying that God will pour out His Holy Spirit.  We need Him again this Sunday!

2022 SCHEDULING - NOW ONLY ONE DATE LEFT - Since last week's emailing we have scheduled ministry in Badger, MN and Mather, WI.  Barring any cancellations, we now only have one open date left in 2022 - - November 20.  Pastor's - if you would like to schedule us to come in 2022 there is still one opportunity, send us an email (billjuoni@gmail.com) or call/text us (920.723.1024). 

SCHEDULE - To see our schedule through the end of December 2022 click here.

INFO AFTER CLOSING THOUGHTS - At the very end of the emailing please read the paragraphs about - MINISTRY CAR FUNDRAISER, BILL'S BOOKS, and FACEBOOK.

CLOSING THOUGHTS - Last week I received an article in the A/G News that described revival happening at James River Church (Assemblies of God) in Springfield, MO.  In April alone, James River Church and its campuses saw more than 1,000 people make first time commitments to Christ.  Since Easter, more than 350 people have been baptized.  In the last year, there have been over 300 written testimonies submitted of people being healed - with an estimated three or four times that number of healings having taken place: healings of inoperable brain cancer, deafness, muscle tears, rotor cuff injuries, migraines, nerve injuries, etc.  Pastor John Lindell says that every week 80 to 100 people are accepting Christ, numbers the church has never seen on a sustained basis.  Pastor Lindell, who has been in ministry for 37 years says, "In all my years of ministry, I've never seen anything like this."  Lindell says, "It's all the Holy Spirit.  Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the key to everything God wants to do through us.  Lindell makes it clear, however, that this move of the Spirit isn't just for James River.  He believes that prophetic messages given over a century ago may be coming to pass - where another outpouring of the Spirit will spread across the land and that the outpouring will continue to build and lead to a great awakening".  He said, "my wife and I are pressing in; the staff is pressing in, the church is pressing in, and I can't wait to see what happens".  Let's press in with them for revival across America and see what happens.    

Let's press in together for God to pour out His Holy Spirit this Sunday in Dilworth, MN.  

Together in His Service with You,

Bill & Beth

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BILL'S BOOKS– Both books I have written, “More Power – Supersizing the Working of the Holy Spirit for Life and Ministry” (a guide to the baptism in the Holy Spirit) and "God's Power Tools for Life and Ministry" (a guide to the gifts of the Holy Spirit) are available through Amazon.  People have been ordering them and buying them in our services!  The paperback versions are available for $12.99 at Amazon and the eBook versions on Kindle are available for $3.99.  You can order either book by clicking here. [The third book, 'Helping Others Receive the Gift' is a compilation with several other authors published in 2008.] If you enjoy the books, go to Amazon and write reviews. The reviews will inspire others to read the books.

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