January 27, 2022

Greetings Pastors and Spouses, Prayer Partners and Friends,

The weather roller-coaster continues here in Florida.  A couple of mornings ago it was 30 degrees.  Today the temperature was in the low 70's.  Earlier tonight I heard the weatherman say something you don't expect to hear in Florida.  A cold snap is coming this weekend bringing the lows perhaps into the 20's.  They suggested that people leave their water running slightly overnight to prevent water pipes from freezing.  You expect to hear that at times in Wisconsin but never in Florida.  Now you do have to understand that here in Florida water pipes basically run just below the surface of the ground, in fact some run on the surface of the ground.  It's going to be cold by Florida standards, but I didn't get much sympathy from a pastor friend up north when he told me that the windchill was 25 degrees below zero where he was! 

While temperatures have been running low the spiritual temperature in the services has been running hot.  Let me tell you what's been happening.  

DUNEDIN, FL - This past Sunday, Beth and I ministered at Dunedin Assembly of God in Dunedin, FL (located about 20 miles to the west of Tampa); pastored by Billy and Debbie Green.  This was our third time to minister at Dunedin Assembly.  We actually were scheduled to minister at another church on this date, but they had to cancel their service with us, so Pastor Green invited us to come to Dunedin Assembly.  Our message dealt with walking in step with the Holy Spirit and God wonderfully touched lives.  After the first altar call several responded to either commit their life to Christ, recommit their life to Christ or to make things right with God.  That's always exciting!  After the second altar call, people filled the altar desiring to walk in step with the Spirit in a greater and more precise way in the coming year.  It was exciting to see what God was doing.  We thank God for what He did, and we thank you for praying!

LAKELAND, FL - Last night (Wednesday night), Beth and I again ministered at Trinity Christian Center (Assemblies of God) in Lakeland, FL (located about 25 miles northeast of where we live); pastored by Phil and Valonne Hulzebos.  This was a continuation of our 7 week Wednesday night series dealing with "Living a Spirit-filled Life".  The first week we dealt with "Praying in the Spirit".  The past two weeks our studies dealt with the topic of "Unleashing the Baptism in the Holy Spirit" as we looked at some of the keys as to how to unleash the working of the baptism in the Holy Spirit in our lives. Last night our study looked at "How to Not Kink the Hose" dealing with how to not hinder the flowing of the baptism in the Holy Spirit in our life.  We also studied the "Effects of the Fire of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit".  The people continue to be very hungry to learn, engaged and interactive with questions and input.  It been a great time studying God's word together.

DUNEDIN, FL - This coming Sunday, Beth and I with be returning to minister at Dunedin Assembly of God in Dunedin, FL (located about 20 miles to the west of Tampa); pastored by Billy and Debbie Green.  This will be our fourth time to minister at Dunedin Assembly.  This Sunday was the original date we were scheduled to minister at Dunedin Assembly but as we mentioned earlier when Pastor Green saw we had a cancellation for last Sunday, he scheduled us for that date also.  Please join us in praying that God will again pour out His Holy Spirit this Sunday.  We need Him again! 
LAKELAND, FL - This coming Wednesday night, Beth and I will be returning to Trinity Christian Center in Lakeland to continue our 7 week teaching series on "Living a Spirit-filled Life".  This week we'll begin a series of studies on the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit".  Please pray that God will again minister in the Bible Study this week.  

MAYFIELD TONADO RELIEF - If you would like to donate to help with the relief efforts in Mayfield, KY; you can go to the First Assembly website and click on links for giving.

2022 SCHEDULING - Since last week's email, we have scheduled ministry in Bagley, MN; Oak Creek, WI; and Stephenson, MI.  Pastor's - if you would like to schedule us to come in 2022, send us an email (billjuoni@gmail.com) or call/text us (920.723.1024). 

SCHEDULE - To see our schedule into the beginning of March 2022 click here.

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CLOSING THOUGHTS - In the mornings in my devotional times I've been reading in the Book of Hebrews.  In Hebrews 11:6 it says, "And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him" (ESV).  Some truths found in the Fire Bible notes that we can glean from this verse are: (1) We must believe in the existence of a personal, infinite holy God who cares for us. (2) The writer uses the Greek verb, translated "believe".  In the Biblical sense believing is not just a mental exercise; it's an active faith that yields the leadership of one's life to Christ.  It is to be a continued ongoing action. (3) We must believe that God will respond to us and reward us when we sincerely look to Him in faith, knowing that our greatest reward is the joy and presence of God himself.  (4) We must diligently pursue a deeper relationship with God and passionately desire his presence, his power and his purpose in our lives.  These are great truths to hang on to and to be challenged by as we begin a new year.    

Please join us in praying that God will touch lives this Sunday in Dunedin, FL and this Wednesday at Trinity Christian Center in Lakeland, FL.

Together in His Service with You,

Bill & Beth

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