October 21, 2021

Greetings Pastors and Spouses, Prayer Partners and Friends;

This past weekend we were back in my home state of Michigan again.  This time it was back to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  Let me tell you where we were and what God did.

KALAMAZOO, MI - This past Sunday, Beth and I ministered at Nazareth Assembly of God in Kalamazoo, MI (located in the southwestern corner of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan); pastored by Kathy and Dean Cramer.  This was our third time to minister at Nazareth Assembly and we were asked to minister on the topic of "sharing our faith".  Our message dealt with how we have the greatest message in all the world to share - Jesus.  And we can have the greatest power to share this greatest message - the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  And the greatest method of sharing this greatest message is believers sharing the message of Jesus with their friends, neighbors and relatives.  Statistics tell us that 86% of those who give their life to Christ do so through a friend, neighbor or relative sharing Jesus with them.  At the end of the message, several responded to the first altar call to commit their life to Christ, recommit their life to Christ or to make things right with God.  That's always exciting!  After the second altar call people came to the altar desiring to be people who share Jesus in a greater way with those around them.  It was a great service with a wonderful group of people.  We thank God for what He was doing and we thank you for praying. 

POUND, WI - This coming Sunday, I'll be ministering at Hillside North Assembly of God in Pound, WI (located about an hour north of Green Bay, WI); pastored by Jon Carlson.  We've been asked to minister on "revival".  Please join us in praying that God will touch lives by His Holy Spirit.  We need Him!   

SCHEDULE - To see our schedule into December 2021 click here.

SCHEDULING - Earlier this week we sent out our mailing to the churches the South Carolina District.  Now we're working on our mailing to the churches of the Wisconsin/Northern Michigan Ministry Network.  Please join us in praying that the doors will open wherever God would want us to minister.
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CLOSING THOUGHTS - A few days ago I read this in the devotional book, "The Word For You Today".  As believers, God can make the wrong decisions of the people around you to work in your favor.  So instead of looking for someone to blame, try to see the hand of God at work in your situation.  Joseph, in the Old Testament, discovered three things: (1) When God wants you in a palace, nobody can keep you in a prison.  (2) Your future isn't in the hands of others; it's in the hands of God.  (3) Your God-given assignment in life doesn't call for the cooperation or approval of everyone, but it does require the cooperation of one person - you.  Joseph's brothers made a wrong decision by resenting him.  Potiphar's wife made a wrong decision by falsely accusing him.  The butler made a wrong decision by turning his back on him.  But God!  But God did the right thing by him!  He arranged every step Joseph took, all the way to the palace.  The purposes of God will eventually overcome the plans of men.  No one can prevent God from using you, blessing you and giving you success, except you.  So look for the hand of God "in all things".  Paul wrote, "...who works all things according to the counsel of His will" (Ephesians 1:11 NKJV).  

Let's pray, looking for the hand of God to work this Sunday in Pound, WI.

Together in His Service with You,

Bill & Beth

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